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New season, new things

Today I remembered I had a blog, and am going to try to keep up with it.
Things I missed posting:

I am currently training 2 dogs, one pitbull mix with serious aggression toward animals and pre-cursors to aggression toward people, and one pitbull mix puppy who is sweet and hyper. Love them both! My goal is more productive walks and obedience with the puppy... the adult is going to be more of a project.

I am well into my new job as a high school teacher, teaching Biology to 100 freshman every day. It's a blast, and I couldn't be happier.

I just celebrated my one year marriage anniversary to my wonderful husband Matt, and my birthday is tomorrow!

My sister is having a baby, due in late December/ early January. It's a girl... I am more excited than you can imagine.

And finally, it is AUTUMN! My very favorite season, and my busiest time of year. Next week I am holding a Halloween party at my house and I am pumped! I love Halloween!

New dog update to follow.

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