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Today's Lesson: Patience

Sometimes in life, and also in dog training, you just have to sit back and be patient. Results cannot happen overnight, they cannot come to you in an instant. There are occasions where waiting for gratification is well worth it.

When training a dog, it takes many days or weeks of patience. Some times the behaviors may even get worse before they get better. So keep with it!

Similarly in life, we've all struggled and hoped and attempted. There is one of those cheesy school posters on the wall of the High School where I work that reads: "It's not failure, it's just 10,000 times of not getting it right." Cliche as this is, it seems like good advice. Life is not perfect and easy, it takes practice and patience. I'm 26 years old as of a week ago, and I learn every day that things simply do not happen quickly. We must practice and wait, attempt and wait, hope and wait, and eventually something will be right -- or it won't be right, and we will be forced to try a different path in order to find an eventual end.

Whether writing a novel, training a dog, teaching a class, looking for friends, or searching for love, it is a dance of back and forth, one step at a time, waiting.

Don't give up! The result will come!

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